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I was reminded a few weeks back by my good friend Mia about tiny houses, and it got me thinking about how I don’t post much about dwellings or simplicity anymore. So today’s entry is an attempt to get back on that horse. I found this video on a small little apartment space in Barcelona that doesn’t look that much smaller or larger than my own, aside from being more narrow in design. The kitchen was retrofitted into the space, and looks far more functional than the rinky dink pocket kitchen I put up with here in the Mandalay. The bathroom looks nice and cozy, as does the minimalist bedroom. I didn’t get a good sense of windows in the main (lower) room… a lack of natural lighting would be a dealbreaker for me. Not crazy about the exposed brick ceiling, but since it’s natural to the dwelling, I’m glad they kept that feature. I honestly can’t imagine any overnight guests sleeping on that sliver of a foam mattress under the stairway. But overall, a comfy little space for one or two people to call home.


Written by camcarlson

February 19, 2014 at 9:48 PM

Posted in Simplicity, video

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