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Backside Advertising

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While at Crossroads yesterday to see “The Wolf of Wall Street”, Viet and I noticed how many posters for upcoming movies have a character facing away from the viewer. Below are the four posters (all in a row) we saw in the lobby, followed by older movie posters in the same style. My favorite at the bottom.

Captain-America-2-The-Winter-Soldier-PosterNoah-poster-GQ-15Nov13_pr_bmhhtvot9PGuUemyDtIi7fbh2s5ixVcIPHMthe-hobbit-an-unexpected-journey-movie-poster-12012_MONK_InTheaters_1sheet3.10 to YumaFruitvale StationEvil Dead 2013HaywireWeekend (2011)InceptionEncounter at the End of the World



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January 26, 2014 at 7:40 PM

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Ladies Will Please Remove Their Hats

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I am due to finish up my review of my favorite films from 2013 but there are a couple I still want to catch on the big screen, hopefully before month’s end. I will say this: if you get the chance to see either “Her” or “American Hustle”, please do so! I also highly recommend “Fruitvale Station”, now out on DVD, a great film that really made my blood boil by how it ended (in regards to the story, not the filmmaking).

Some end-of-year stats for 2013: I saw 21 films on the big screen (“Gravity” twice) and watched around 240 films either on my television set or my MacBook. Of those, 126 were on my 2013 film list, which I just finished purging & amending for 2014. I have it down to 2 pages! Granted, those 2 pages have three columns each, use size 8 font and cram long titles into single lines thanks to the Arial Narrow font, but it looks tidy. Definitely better than the 4 and a half page behemoth I compiled back in 2010.

What’s great is that I’ve already found over 80 films on this year’s list that I can watch online for free on YouTube, most of them without commercials. Some of them will require playing around with the language setting of YouTube’s closed captioning option. I also have my UNI Library pass at least through May, possibly longer if they allow me to extend it. So for the time being, I don’t have to think about subscribing to Netflix. And there’s also the plethora of good movies that come out this time of year in theaters and earlier 2013 films that are now available to check out at Family Video. I’m going to keep busy between now and spring break.

Below are some short films I’ve watched since New Years, all of which can be watched & enjoyed in under an hour…


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January 18, 2014 at 1:43 PM

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