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I stopped shaving my face in late September mostly out of laziness. Ten weeks later and this beard is starting to look like a permanent addition to my face. I say that now, knowing it will likely disappear when spring comes around.

A number of co-workers as well as relatives over Thanksgiving have asked me if I stopped shaving for “Movember”. I told them I didn’t know what that was. Apparently “Movember” takes place in November, the purpose being men grow a moustache to raise awareness for cancer research or something like that. I’m not sure how growing facial hair raises awareness for anything other than the hair on your face. Seems like an empty gesture, like those magnetic “support the troops” ribbons people used to have on their cars back during the Iraq War #2. Or like how wearing pink is suppose to raise awareness for breast cancer research.

Raising awareness is fine and all, but if people were really interesting in finding a cure, they’d donate money to a reputable charity focused on cancer research. But hey, Americans are lazy and selfish and can’t be bothered to do anything that actually requires real sacrifice. Foregoing the razor, well that’s easy! Anyone can do that. Which is why so many more men give up shaving then donate money. The path of least resistance (or sacrifice) is the path most people will take to suit their needs.


There is also a “No-Shave November”, which I think is what people assume I was participating in, though they called it Movember. So I not only had to point out the difference between Movember and No-Shave November, but I had to declare I was not participating on either. Ask me a simple question at work and you’re likely to receive a lecture in response.

So men participating in No-Shave November don’t shave their faces. For those men who, for whatever reason, regularly shave their chests/arms/legs, do they refrain from shaving there as well? Can women participate in No-Shave November? I think it’s only fair if women can refrain from shaving their legs. Actually, I’ve never understood why woman are expected to shave their legs but men aren’t. I’ve also never understood why it’s okay for parents to mutilate their infant sons’ genitals in the name of circumcision but it’s considered barbaric to do the same to infant girls. In my eyes it’s barbaric regardless of the gender. But I digress.


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December 2, 2013 at 6:44 PM

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