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Intrepid by the numbers

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When I bought the Intrepid I stuck a little pad of paper and a pencil inside the door pocket to jot down data with each gas purchase – date, # gallons bought, price per gallon, total spent and the trip odometer reading. I just tallied up the total amount spent on gas, from the first recorded purchase date (10/31/01) to the last tank of gas (10/16/13). $12,485.47 altogether. That’s enough to buy a new car!

Some random data:
Fuel economy on first tank (10/31/01 fill up) – 21.98 miles/gal
Fuel economy on last tank (10/16/13 fill up) – 21.41 miles/gal
Cheapest gas purchased –$0.98/gallon on 12/18/01
Most expensive gas purchased –$4.00/gallon on 5/19/13
Most expensive total bill – $54.39 (at $3.79/gallon) on 7/11/08

Most miles driven per fill up – 430.1 on 15.70 gallons (27.40 miles/gallon) between 5/16/03 and 5/19/03.
– I drove from CF to Iowa City on a Friday evening, IC to Des Moines early Saturday morning, back to IC Saturday night and back to CF Sunday evening, all on one tank.

2,886.3 miles driven between 7/25/03-8/5/03 (IA to Ohio, then Detroit, then through Canada to Niagara Falls, through New York and Massachusetts to New Haven CT, and back).
1,106.9 miles driven on 8/3/03 alone.

1,739.8 miles driven between 4/4/04-4/20/04 (Cincinnati to DC, NYC, New Haven CT, Allentown PA, back to Cincinnati).

No gas purchased in January 2004 (visited Neeks in San Diego CA that month)

Only two fill-ups between 12/27/04 and 4/1/05 (during my restricted license days). No gas purchased at all in March 2005. It was during this stretch that I watched 156 movies over a period of 28 days, only leaving the apartment I shared with Blake to walk to Blockbuster to exchange titles.


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November 29, 2013 at 4:26 PM

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