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So I caved and went and bought the “Evil Dead 2013” DVD today. I scoured the nets ahead of time but was unable to determine if another version would be released in a special edition ‘book of the dead’ case, like the first two films were (both of which I own, natch) even though I’m sure at some point in the future an uncut/NC-17 version will be released (given that they’ve double- and triple-dipped on all the previous Evil Dead films) and that would be a good time to do a ‘book of the dead’ case styled on the one featured in the new film.

So, as a consolation, I went with the Target steelbook edition. It’s pretty, but the disc inside is Blu-ray, which immediately presents a problem as I don’t own a Blu-ray player. However, it also comes with a “digital” copy I can stream online. So I’m going that route for now. If, in the future, an uncut/NC-17 edition with or without a ‘book of the dead’ style case is released, I’ll probably pick it up. Despite all my efforts to declutter my DVD collection, I’m still a sucker for gory packaging.

So with this item in hand, I’m set for an Evil Dead marathon in the near future. I think I’m going to subject Viet to the first two, then the 2013 version, and if he has any interest, follow up with “Army of Darkness”, the only entry in the series I’m lukewarm on. Reminds me of the ‘machete order‘ of watching Star Wars, which I’m also currently subjecting Viet to, though we saw IV, V, skipped Ep. II and went on to III. Not sure if we’ll watch II or not before watching VI. Meh, neither one of us likes listening to whiney teenage Anakin.





Written by camcarlson

July 16, 2013 at 7:13 PM

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