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Slow summer update

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I’ve fallen into a nice summer routine: work, gym or running, the occasional outing with friends or bike jaunt (I’m ashamed by how few miles I’ve put in so far), and grinding away at my film list. I’ve installed the window A/C unit, I take random Mondays and Fridays off from work (I find I prefer three-day weekends to all-week furloughs) and I do what I can to keep the apartment tidy.

Regarding films: I’m down to 18 films remaining on Ebert’s Great Movies list, not counting the latest installment of the Up documentary series (“56 Up”, came out last year). I plowed through five films on that list that were available on Amazon instant streaming last weekend: “Pixote”, “The Dead”, “Cat People” (1942), “After Dark, My Sweet” and “Diva”. I think of the five I would most recommend “The Dead”, John Huston’s final film starring his daughter Angelica Huston, based on the short story “Dubliners” by James Joyce. A clip:


Written by camcarlson

June 11, 2013 at 9:21 PM

Posted in Bicycling, Cinema

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