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Early during finals week at UNI I made my way to the Rod Library to inquire about a visitor’s pass. For a while I had contemplated getting one so I could finally devour their extensive DVD collection. A college student at the front desk asked for ten bucks up front and gave me a small yellow form to fill out. She said I’d get the card for one month (4/29 to 5/29 or thereabouts) and explained how to search their catalog on the library website. She must have assumed I either wasn’t an alumnus or that I was but wasn’t intuitive enough to navigate an online catalog, but she had a pretty voice, so I held my tongue and let her run through her spiel.

Afterwards she handed me the visitor card and then decided to inform me that starting “after the semester is over” the visitor passes would be free of charge. For a second I considered asking for my money back and returning in a week or two, but I decided to let it slide. She had already entered my info into the system and wasted enough of my time, so I considered the $10 a donation to the library. My meager contribution to my alma mater, I suppose.

For the past 4 weeks I’ve been devouring one movie after another, of varying quality. Most were worth watching, a few were surprisingly good – Chimes at Midnight, Baraka, Orlando, Come and See. I’ve gone through about 44 films at this point. I stopped in last Thursday to drop off the current batch and pick up just a few more, and thought to ask the guy at the front desk how I would go about renewing the pass after it expired the following week (this week). He called forth his supervisor, a slightly older lady, who said they were moving to the free visitor pass system as of June 1. Before I could say anything, she said she wouldn’t make me come back to renew it, punched a few things into the terminal, and said I was renewed… until June 1, 2014. Sweet!

Now that I’m not under a deadline to watch as many movies as I can, I don’t feel the pressing need to check out any more DVDs this summer. I think I may actually go in later this week for a book! I’ve been on an Easter Island kick as of late. I’ve read what I can find at the CF library, which amounted to some cheap YA-quality literature. Time to move up to the big leagues.


Written by camcarlson

May 28, 2013 at 7:38 PM

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