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Student Loans No More

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I waited and waited and waited for my student loan servicer to send me something in writing confirming my student loans had been paid off — which I did on Black Friday — and I finally received it, kinda, as an electronic message in my account on their website. So I logged on, hopefully for the last time, downloaded each statement (there were nine, as I had nine separate loans) as a PDF and saved them to my hard drive. I’m considering that “something in writing”, so I can now publicly declare my student loans are paid off and I am debt free.

It’s an odd feeling, not having to make any obligatory payments to anyone anymore, aside from rent and all. So far I’m doing good curbing any impulse shopping desires. Years of living frugally has trained me to cringe anytime I have to spend money, especially if it’s on something unessential. I’m still going to treat myself to a few nice things, a few electronics for the apartment and maybe fund some traveling this spring. Otherwise my paychecks are going straight into savings and earmarked for a new car, which I’d like to procure by the end of this year.


Written by camcarlson

January 17, 2013 at 5:32 PM

Posted in Finance

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