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Cory’s Big Move

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I spent last Saturday helping Cory move about ninety thousand pounds of appliances and electronics out of his parents’ basement. That’s how much it felt like we moved, anyway.

Cory’s been building up collections of all sorts of things down there since as long as I’ve known him. He has a respectable collection of 80s/90s Apple computers, in the room immediately to the left of the basement stairs, and some televisions, radios and rotary telephones in the room to the right, plus other miscellaneous items throughout the basement; Betamax players, Umatic players, Laserdisc players, Videodisc players, typewriters, vacuum cleaners, Radarange microwaves, washing machines & dryers, refrigerators, ovens, light bulbs & light fixtures, other random kitchen appliances and cookware, transistors, car parts, antique instruction manuals, film strips… you get the idea. Many of these items come from thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, or found abandoned in random places.


Now that Cory has nearly finished work on the interior of his second building out on his property (dubbed CS3, or the research lab) the time had come to begin moving as much as could be moved within the time limits of a single Saturday and the physical limits of four strapping (relatively) young men (Cory, Ben, Don and I) and two spirited women (Cara and Cory’s mother).


We began at 7am, moving the heavy items out of the basement first: Radaranges, console TVs and industrial strength typewriters. With the assistance of an appliance dolly we maneuvered several ovens and fridges up & out through the back stairway. Took about 3 hours to move the first load onto the front lawn and entryway, then load it into various cars and a rental van picked up earlier that morning. About an hour to caravan over to CS3 and move everything inside; Radaranges and miscellaneous garage supplies downstairs and everything else upstairs.


photo 3

Back to Cory’s parents’ for lunch, then a second round, including the BIG appliances, hauled up and loaded into cars. By the time we made it to CS3 for the second unload it began to fog over and mist a little. We took advantage of the fading daylight (a very gray day at that) to move random items from the Lodge over into CS3; a sectional couch, 2 teletype machines, half of a switchboard desk and a Hammond organ, along with smaller items.


By the time we reached his parents’ house again it was around 5pm and dark outside. We loaded just the larger vehicles and the rental van with what we could handle, mostly TV sets and some other appliances. We were exhausted by the time we made it to CS3 the third time but we pushed on, beyond reason, hauling one item after another up the wooden, slightly creaky exterior stairs on the side of the building. Drained of strength and incredibly hungry, we retreated to Cory’s parents’, then to the Panther Lounge for some cold beers and hot pizzas.

photo 4

When I returned home that night I could barely walk, my ankles and left knee were so sore. My lower back was killing me. As I was undressing to take a shower I discovered some odd-shaped, colorful bruises all over my arms. They didn’t hurt much but they were quite a sight. The big rainbow one on my left bicep is still around, though it’s fading in appearance. I’m using it as an excuse to skip the gym for a few days. That, and my lower back is still just a bit sore.


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December 4, 2012 at 7:22 PM

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