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Well Fed

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Thanksgiving 2012 was a three course meal:

1. Omelette made of 2 scrambled eggs, chopped carrots and cherry peppers mixed with hot sauce and served with a glass of mango/pineapple tea.

2. Turkey (white and dark meat), dinner roll w/ margarine, green bean casserole w/ crunchy onions, applesauce Jello and sweet midget pickles.

3. A mostly-veggie stew made from (I’m going to forget something) celery, red & green peppers, chick peas, stewed tomatoes, black beans, canned corn, cream of chicken, chopped onions and chunks of sausage, mixed with garlic salt, black peppercorn, red pepper flakes, parsley, basil leaves, oregano and… other spices I can’t remember… served with chicken-flavored stuffing and a glass of mango tea.

Also, I’ve recently discovered a tolerable, downright delicious flavor of yogurt, produced by Yoplait. It’s Grasshopper Pie, a mix of chocolate and mint and thin chocolate shavings mixed into the single-serving cup. Goes well in the morning with a couple toasty blueberry Pop-tarts.

Yes, I am eating a mixed bag this month. Meh.


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November 26, 2012 at 7:26 PM

Autumn marches on

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Bleh. I really don’t have a reason for not posting anything in the past couple weeks aside from the usual excuse of being lazy and/or uninspired. I work, I exercise, I watch movies (in smaller doses than I used to), I apparently don’t read anymore (something I need to remedy very soon), I almost never go out drinking anymore unless it’s with co-workers on Friday afternoons, and I continue to find random items to purge from my apartment. Just this past week I sold two things on ebay, netting a tiny sum for each, which will no doubt be used to procure Xmas gifts for the family in short order. So it goes. This just happens to be one of those slow quiet times of the year, though that will change with Thanksgiving this Thursday (like Xmas Day, it’s an excuse to eat like a pig), friends may or may not be coming back to town this weekend and next weekend, not to mention the usual inflow of regulars over xmas break next month. Like last year, I have the week between Xmas and New Years off. Eight solid days of sleeping in and hopefully catch up on some movies and literature I’ve been putting off this season.

In other news, the Cedar River has gotten so low that water no longer flows over the spillway at the dam.

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November 18, 2012 at 8:54 PM

2012 Election Eve

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At this point I am cautiously optimistic that Obama will win re-election tomorrow. Nate Silver of fivethirtyeight gives Obama an 86.3% chance of winning [update — it’s now 92.2%], tantamount to an NFL team leading by a field goal with a minute or so left in the fourth quarter. Romney could still pull off a win, but he kinda ran out of time to take the lead in several swing states he needs to clench 271 electoral votes. The momentum seems to be with Obama at this point, perhaps due in part to a particular “October surprise” of a meteorological nature.


I hate standing in line on Election Day. I hate listening to people pontificate on why their candidate is so good and (more often) why the opponent is [insert vulgarities]. I hate holding in my vitriol for these pompous blowhards, even if they happen to be voting for the same person I am.

So two weeks ago I went to the courthouse and voted early. Five minutes to park my car, walk in, head towards the counter of the elections office, ask for a ballot, fill out a form, take my ballot to the little table with the security screen, fill in some ovals, put the ballot in the security envelope, hand it back to the clerk and leave. Why don’t more people vote early?

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November 5, 2012 at 7:07 PM

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