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The Roots Market on Main St closed last month.

And I was recently informed that Zippy’s, also on Main (across from Roots) is also closed, or has been for some time and I just never noticed. Hmm.

And — *shocker* — the Wasabi restaurant that occupied the Happy Chef building on 1st St, where I went a total of three times but loved on each occasion, yeah, they went belly up too. Sad face. Their all-you-can-eat sushi specials were EXCELLENT. I will severely miss their crunchy rolls and the caterpillar rolls (which are also available at Sakura but are a shade less tasty). I don’t think I’ve been this bummed out by a restaurant closure since Little Italy closed nine years ago.

MyVerona is still closed but is scheduled to be sold on the auction block this week. Let’s hope whoever buys it keeps it as a restaurant and reopens it soon. Montage is the only high-scale restaurant currently on Main St and that rubs me the wrong way.

The new mega-Scheels building out by Target on Viking Rd is nearing completion, which means the two Scheels stores at College Square Mall and at Crossroads Mall will be soon closing.

Oh, and AJ’s on San Marnan is closed… or has been since New Years. I went to its new itineration, Panda House, with some co-workers a few weekends ago. We were not impressed.

The Ben Franklin store, a staple of the Kimball/Ridgeway market for decades, is closing this month. My mother had a part time job there in high school. I can’t say I’ve been there recently but I do remember feeling as though I had stepped into a time machine upon my last visit.

At least my gym is staying in business. They’re moving from their longtime location on 18th & Main to (I believe) the Oddfellows building on 4th & Main. It’ll be interesting to see the new layout once the equipment is moved.


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October 15, 2012 at 8:26 PM

Posted in Cedar Valley

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