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I’m slowly adjusting to my new wakeup time of 5:15am. The sun is up on my drive to work and I can justify lowering the windows as it’s quite warm outside even in the morning. Temps should remain above 90ºF for the foreseeable future. My A/C unit is going to get a workout.

9/10-hour workdays are becoming the norm. With the extra projects and random absences of my coworkers, there’s plenty to keep me busy during the day, so much so that most of the morning breezes by, and I don’t really get a sense of the time of day until I break for lunch.

After work I keep productive with either the gym or bicycling, and random tasks at home in the evening. I’ve revived my longstanding journal archive project, which under best case scenario can be completed within a month. Worse case, maybe the end of August. I’m rooting for July. I’m bribing myself with a subscription to Hulu Plus once I finish the project.

I’m archiving tonight, just copy/pasting entries without really reading them. That will come later. But I’ve skimmed a few entries, around the mid-2005 era, and was amazed how often I went out with Alex, Cory and Blake, which I found rather timely given last week’s reunion. Good times indeed!


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June 28, 2012 at 9:32 PM

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