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Hey, did you all know you can request a free copy of your credit report once every year? Of course you did. How many actually do this? Probably not many. Well, it’s worth it, even if you’re like me and you have very few items on your report (though all are in good standing with an A-quality credit score*).

I made my annual request today at (not to be confused with the not-free services of I obtained PDF copies from Equifax and Experian, and had to phone-order a copy from TransUnion as their website was “experiencing technical difficulties” at the time of my request. What sucks is that not only am I limited to one report request per year, but the fact that their site was down at the time of my request counts as the request. Jerks. Whatever, I’ll wait for the snail mail copy.

But I did find a strange though perhaps innocuous discrepancy in the Equifax and Experian reports. One shows my student loans still open and the other shows them transferred/closed, which is technically accurate as they were transferred to a new servicer last year, but that begs the question of why isn’t the new servicer showing up on the report? Or, conversely, why does the first report not show the transfer at all? Hmm. I filed a dispute and will await their “research”.

So, message of the day: review your credit reports once a year.

*It is worth pointing out that the free credit reports do not provide a credit score.


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May 23, 2012 at 9:21 PM

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