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A follow-up on two previous posts

1. The Iowa Senate allocated $3 million to keep Price Lab open for one more year but the funds were stripped when the state budget went through reconciliation. Pending lawsuits may be the only hope for PL supporters at this point. More than 100 of the school’s student body are scheduled to attend Janesville schools next schoolyear, which would increase that district’s student body by almost a third.

2. Winnebago Council voted two weeks ago to sell the Scout Reservation near Marble Rock as well as the southern portion of Camp Ingawanis. I assume this will leave all the cabins, mess hall, pool, firing range, horse camp, et cetera (basically everything I remember about scout camp) remaining open for business.

3. The company I work for filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today. The prearranged bankruptcy includes selling the company to Fortress Investment Group LLC via a “stalking horse bid” through its mortgage unit Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. This bid may be approved in a month, which would lead to an auction lasting 90 days, allowing for competing bids. Upon completion of the auction, the sale should be finalized by the end of the year, pending court approval.

4. Valley Park Lanes closed a few weeks ago. I hadn’t been there in a dozen years, and I can’t say I remember much about the lanes aside from how warped they were. I did spent the final day of the school year in 8th grade there, which was kinda fun. I hope the same fate doesn’t befall Maple Lanes anytime soon.

5. There have been a few openings in the Cedar Valley, of the restaurant kind: the crappy Beck’s out at Thunder Ridge closed and was replaced with a nice place called The Wild Hare, which serves sinfully delicious boneless chicken wings. It’s hard to stop eating them! I tried the Pita Pit for the first time last weekend (where the Amoco used to be on 1st & Hudson) and loved it. There’s also a new Indian place at the same strip mall that I should try out sometime. I also need to try the all-you-can-eat Hibachi place at the site of the former Happy Chef on 1st St. Finally, a new coffee shop is opening where Bought Again Book and the Vibe used to be (which has sat empty for *far* too long). The Roast opens in August.


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