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Addenda to my previous post –

1. There’s a store at the Old Capital Mall in Iowa City called Active Endeavors. It’s a rather nifty outdoor clothing store I try to visit every time I’m in Iowa City, and I wish it existed on the Parkade. I stopped in on Friday afternoon and found a pair of simple black sandals that were moderately priced (under $30) and looked quite similar to the sandals I’ve been grinding into oblivion since I bought them on my trip to Portland during the summer of 2004. Upon holding one new sandal next to one from my foot, I realized they were in fact the exact same pair of sandals, made by the same company, with the same materials and the same stitching pattern on the strap. How bizarre. Since my current pair has served me well over these past 8 years, I figured I should stick with them, so I bought a new pair.

 2. For the second time in a year, the servicing of my student loans has been transferred to a new servicing center. A headache I don’t really need at this time. I will now have to set up yet another online account and closely monitor it for the next couple months to ensure my monthly automatic payments continue to be withdrawn. This latest switcheroo is fueling my desire to bite the bullet, dip into my rainy day funds and just pay the damn things off and be done with them. But the miser in me says stay the course and keep making measured payments over the next few months.


Written by camcarlson

May 7, 2012 at 10:45 PM

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