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Some weekends can suck so bad they smack you in the balls. This weekend had an extra wide foot because it felt like it nailed both of them.

On my way back from Iowa City on Friday, the Intrepid lost brake power. I put it in park and inspected underneath. A small but steady drip of liquid from directly underneath the engine. I wasn’t sure what it was at first but later chalked it up to condensation from the A/C being on most of the day. I regained *some* braking abilities and managed a tenuous drive back to Cedar Falls, going at least 5 mph below the 70 mph limit on I-380 (and incurring plenty of honks and/or middle fingers from angry passer-byers) and somehow survived the one-lane construction zone between Evansdale and the Crossroads mixmaster. Things seemed fine until I turned off Rainbow onto Park Drive, when a horrible grinding noise came from the rear and the brake light came on the dash. I parked it on the street for the night and took it in to the shop the next morning. Turns out I had almost no rear brakes to speak of, on either wheel, and it had been that way for some time. I confess I know little about cars, but I knew it was trouble when the mechanic began explaining to me how the brake cylinder (or whatever part it was) was bone dry when it should have been filled with brake fluid. Two brake lines and most rear brake components had to be replaced. I don’t want to think about what it cost me.

So there’s that. Being without a car for most of Saturday dashed a number of my plans, but I recouped with Rudy’s Tacos (in honor of my non-existent Mexican heritage), a Moscow Mule at the Lava Lounge and then “The Avengers”, which wasn’t bad but sure could have cut down on the yakkity-yak during the first 90 minutes. Today I watched “Into the Abyss” (Herzog’s documentary on death row inmates — incredibly depressing) and “Haywire” (Soderbergh’s latest action film — very good), got in some biking in the afternoon and did my best to clean up my apartment. I’m still in a bit of a funk but I think some solid hours at work and the gym this week should reset my head.


Written by camcarlson

May 6, 2012 at 9:13 PM

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