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I’ve been very good this year about devoting discretionary income towards my outstanding student loan balance. The entirety of my federal and state tax refunds as well as the year-end bonus I received at work were all sent off to fill the government coffers. I’m still on track to pay off the loans this year, but my original deadline has been pushed back a few months. I think I was overly optimistic when I did my budgeting last year. Two flat tires (one patched, another replaced) and a faulty oil sensor on the Intrepid were unwelcomed expenses earlier this year.

My resolve, however, remains intact. It may mean (yet again) putting off travel plans for the year, but I feel that’s a worthy sacrifice for being debt-free. But once the loans are behind me, I’ll try to finance a mini vacation somewhere. Nothing too exotic… I’ll probably stay stateside.

The remainder of the year will be spent saving up for a new car. The Intrepid has had a good long run but it is developing rust holes around the rear wheel wells (I like to refer to them as my car’s “liver spots”) and repairs are unfortunately becoming more common and more costly. I would like to get it over the 200K threshold and then put it down mercifully.


Written by camcarlson

April 21, 2012 at 12:06 AM

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