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Going Belly-Up

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News items of the past week:

1. UNI, facing yet another round of budget cuts, may close Price Lab rather than invest $30 in needed renovations or in a new building. A final decision will depend on the outcome of the budget bill currently makings its way through the state legislature. I like having a research school in the Cedar Valley but if the school’s function can be adequately fulfilled by other schools throughout the state, that option should be explored.

2. The Boy Scouts of American recently changed their policy requiring all camps to be self-sustaining, which may force Winnebago Council to close Camp Ingawanis near Waverly. A regional task force will meet on April 26 to discuss closing either Ingawanis or the Winnebago Scout Reserve, either entirely or just parts of each camp, and possibly selling one or both properties. While the BSA’s current policies prohibit me from supporting them, I do have many fond memories of Ingawanis, having spent four summers there, and would be sad to see it closed.

3. The company I work for may be preparing to sell itself through a prearranged bankruptcy, which could happen as soon as the end of next month. Naturally, I don’t expect to arrive to work the next morning to find the front doors locked and chained — a few million mortgages still have to be serviced — but a bankruptcy/sale sure doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. I guess I’ll just take it one day at a time. At least I got my (2011) year-end bonus today!


Written by camcarlson

February 17, 2012 at 8:48 PM

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  1. This all sucks. One of the issues about the lab school is, how can local CF school district handle the tens of thousands of hours of field experience for the education students? Even if the official hours are met, the overcrowding, inconvenience, and lack of individualized attention will hurt future teachers, and UNI’s reputation as the premier school for teachers in the state of Iowa. I know that my experiences at the Lab school were certainly valuable, as were my experiences at the local schools and other districts.

    I spent time at Camp Igwanis too! If that camp closes, where will the scouts go?

    As for your workplace…I hope a change in ownership doesn’t change things too dramatically for you. I can only imagine how frustrating that could end up being.


    February 26, 2012 at 7:41 PM

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