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After many days of on-and-off heat at the Mandalay, I think it’s back on for good. A much-needed sigh of relief. Naturally, fingers are still crossed, still knocking on wood, et cetera. But it’s nice not relying on a quartz heater every evening.

I watched “The Double Life of Veronique” last night, a 90s French film beloved by both Ebert and Katya. I wasn’t drawn into the story as deeply as I had hoped but I enjoyed it nonetheless, especially the camerawork and the color choices, and the lead (Irene Jacob) is an absolute natural beauty. I think I’ll try to see it again with Katya whenever she’s back in the US.

I watched “50/50” tonight. Very good movie. On par with some of my favorites from 2011, so I’m adding it to my list (see previous entry). The dialogue was pretty sharp and I loved the confrontation between Seth Rogen and Dallas Bryce Howard. Sorry to see “Bridesmaids”, a good but not great comedy, receive an Original Screenplay nomination yesterday but not Will Reiser for this film. But I’ll write about Oscar nominations in more detail tomorrow…


Written by camcarlson

January 25, 2012 at 9:42 PM

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