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Resolutions for 2012

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Tonight ends my 10-day vacation from work. Ten long, boring, mostly uneventful days. Between Friday afternoon (12/23) and the following Tuesday I had very little human interaction. I used the time to catch up on several movies and finish reading Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I became social again mid last week, going out for drinks with Cory, Ben, BCF and a few co-workers, and met up with Mia & Scott on Friday night (Anya was already in bed). I began reading Ebert’s memoirs and watched several more movies. The to-do list I prepared a couple weeks ago has seen only one item crossed off, and I have no regrets about that: I wanted a week in which I did not wake up to an alarm nor feel rushed or hurried into action of any kind. In that regard, this vacation has been a success, though I end it with a slight cold.

We have been experiencing a rather odd winter this year; the temperatures have stayed in the 30s and 40s for most of December and we’ve received no significant snowfall. It’s as if autumn never ended. Since the road to the Lodge remains dry and passable, Cory took the opportunity to host New Years at the Lodge. We began with Micah, Cory and I constructing a small bonfire out in the field. The winds were blowing from the south but after an hour things went calm, and then a cold front roared through and the winds began howling from the north. Cory’s sister & her Belgian husband stopped by and Jason & Holly entertained us with their homemade potato gun. The guests left after midnight, Cara went to bed and Cory, Micah and I stayed up until nearly 3am playing Rummikub.

So here is 2012. I think my life is more or less where I want it to be so there are only a few goals I have for myself this year, notably paying off my student loans. But a resolution is not the same thing as a goal. So this year I resolve to continue what I began in 2011 — drink less and eat out less often — and spend more time with my family and friends, the people who matter most in my life. Once my loans are paid off I can afford to travel more often, so I will finally be able to visit a lot of people I have seen little of these past few years. For the immediate future (Jan/Feb) I’m just going to keep my head down, work my ass off, keep up at the gym, whittle away at my winter to-do list and try to spend as little money as possible. Stay tuned…..

post script — I also resolve to write more often, starting with a movie roundup this weekend.


Written by camcarlson

January 2, 2012 at 6:40 PM

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