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2012 GOP caucus preview

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The GOP caucus is less then one week away. I’m so excited that the political ads and robo-calls might finally (temporarily) come to an end!

Andrew Sullivan wrote this piece about the state of the GOP contest a few weeks ago, before Gingrich’s support began to collapse, but I think the gist of his message still holds true today:

But in many ways, this is all a simple result of the intellectual and ideological collapse of the Republican party. All they have, it seems, are some visceral reactions to social change – Latino immigrants, gay spouses, tolerant Millennials – and an argument that remains unchanged for thirty years, regardless of a hugely changed world.

So we have a Cold War mentality without the Soviet Union – and a crazy endorsement of pre-emptive war and torture as core elements of American exceptionalism! We have a myth of massive new regulations by the Obama administration. We have more tax cuts, as if Reagan’s supply side policies have been vindicated in the long term. And we have more tax cuts, while revenue is at 50 year lows. Or we have truly utopian ideas like abolishing the Fed, bringing back child labor, and fracking our way out of climate change. The whole caboose is a sign of a party that has long since unmoored itself from the country it exists in.


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December 29, 2011 at 5:33 PM

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