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So I did a little creative thinking tonight… when I get ready to move out of this apartment, I don’t think I’ll be taking a lot of the things in here. This is especially true if I can get out of Iowa. I’d only be taking what I could fit into my car, and that would consign most of my belongings to the curb.

This living room isn’t coming with. This couch was a $30 find at St. Vinnie’s in Waterloo. It has served me well these past four years but I can live with the IKEA lounge chair across the room. The boxy TV with the flickering picture is going bye-bye. The DVD player, though it has served me well, will have to find a new home. My MacBook can play DVDs just fine. This blue footrest is nearly a half-century old but it’s so dingy I surprise myself I still put my feet up on it.

The A/C unit and the vacuum cleaner in the closet will have to find new homes. The snow shovel… if I move somewhere warm year-round, that’s also finding a new home.

I’d take a handful of books and my various Trivial Pursuit question boxes along with the board from Genus I. I’d like to pick up a few of those 100-count CD books and put my DVDs into them and pitch the plastic containers. That would allow me to pitch the two miniature shelves I use to sort them.

The bicycle will come with. I can take the wheels and the handlebars off and stuff it into the trunk of my car along with the various maintenance items (air pump, tools, helmet, etc).

If I can find room for the mini oven, I’ll take it. But I can get along fine with a small 3-qt slow cooker (“the pot”, as Ebert affectionately refers to it). Two bowls, two plates, my water bottles, two knives, forks and spoons and I should be set. The contents of my cabinets and fridge — consumed before I leave or donated to needy households.

The one big-ticket item I’d hate to see go would be the queen-size bed mattress I bought earlier this year. It’s comfy but there’s no way I can transport it without a truck or trailer. I think I could sell it for a little bit of money. I don’t own many clothes so folding what I do have into a couple boxes shouldn’t be a problem.

There’s very little else in my bedroom I’d move with me. A folder of important documents, a box of photos, a box of computer items and maybe a couple blankets in the bottom of the closet.

Bathroom items… I’d take what I’d need to survive a week’s vacation: shampoo, bar soap and supplies to satisfy a first-aid kit. The rest, like the kitchen items, will be used up or given away.

Owning as little as I do gives me the freedom to pack up and move at a moment’s notice. Having that kind of mobility and flexibility gives me warm fuzzies. Reminds me of how I moved to/from Oxford OH, with only the items I could cram into my car. Well, since then I’ve learned what I need to get by with and what I don’t. I’ve uncluttered and simplified my lifestyle. I believe this is entirely doable.

I have no intention of moving anytime soon. Still whittling down those student loans. Only six more months to go and then I’m debt-free. From there on out, as clichéd as it may sound, my options will be limited only by my imagination.


Written by camcarlson

December 12, 2011 at 11:07 PM

Posted in Simplicity

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