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George Lucas just can’t help himself. The upcoming Blu-ray release of the original Star Wars trilogy will now feature new and completely unnecessary dialogue as Darth Vader lifts the Emperor during the climax of “Return of the Jedi”. Further incentive for me to go out and buy the original films on regular DVD while I still can.

It was already such a perfect moment.  As Luke, dying under the Emperor’s torrent of force lightning, calls out to his father to help him, Vader stares quietly, looks at his son, then at the Emperor, and makes his decision.  And he DOESN”T FUCKING SAY A THING.  That’s what makes it so powerful.  You could almost see the thought process behind the mask, as Vader slowly comes out of the fog of 20+ years of evil.  It’s a grand, amazing moment and the pinnacle of the trilogy, in my opinion.

And George Lucas just ruined it.

[h/t AICN]


Written by camcarlson

August 31, 2011 at 10:43 PM

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