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Bathroom renovation

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After four and a half years at the Mandalay, I’ve finally decided to do something about the bathroom. Nearly every flat surface in there, aside from the shower stall, was painted beige upon my arrival, and I’ve never cared for it. Since I rent, I’m obviously not going to invest much money beyond a bucket of paint (I won’t bother asking my eccentric landlady if she’d reimburse me for any expenses).

I did spent several hours over the past four days scraping stubborn latex paint off the wall tiles. I’ve revealed an acceptable shade of yellow, though the grout remains beige-tinged. I’ll have to find a drill bit that can sand the grout down a bit. I’ve also scraped away some of the peeling paint above the sink and near the toilet. The other trouble spots I can tackle after work tomorrow. The upper section of the cabinet frame also needs to be sanded down. I can work on that next weekend.


Written by camcarlson

August 21, 2011 at 10:36 PM

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