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This past weekend really did a number on me. I wanted it to be laid back and relaxed and I got the exact opposite. Friday after work I rushed home to get in a quick run before meeting co-workers for drinks at Spicoli’s. Found a puddle of water beneath the A/C unit in the kitchen window. Went outside to investigate. Re-tilted the unit and pounded on the drip hole with a hammer and screwdriver to get the water flowing the right way. Snuck in a 2-miler and the world’s fastest shower before flying over to Spicoli’s. Two drinks with the gals and plenty of office banter before heading to the PL for a quick few with Cory. After that I rendezvoused with BCF at Wine & Spirits to pick up some bottles and take them back to my place. Watched a DVD of his spring recording session and ordered a pizza. Talked with “24-Hour Party People” on until 1 a.m.

Saturday: gym… I think… then an hour on the bike trails with increasing heat and humidity. Showered and headed back to Spicoli’s for a graduation/going away party for my cousin Abby, who recently got her Masters from U of Iowa and is moving to Indiana in a couple weeks. An entire keg of Bud Light on tap for the event, and plenty of cold cuts, veggies, fried foods and a sugary Hawkeye cake to boot. Made small talk with family and, like Friday night, departed for the PL. I intended to enjoy a single drink and then head home but a large bachelorette party came in and several ladies began harassing me to answer questions and/or pose for/with them so they could earn points for some game they were playing. I eventually agreed to pose in a rather compromising position with the bride-to-be. While I did so not expecting compensation, she offered to buy my next *pitcher* of beer, slapping a ten on the bar. Jeremy took a look at me and knew I didn’t want a pitcher, so he rang up the ten and slid over four free drink tokens. Score!

Sunday: up early, took care of laundry, then headed to the Lodge to assist Cory & gang with nailing dow plywood on the roof of the Research Center, the new facility being erected directly south of the Lodge. It was hot, grueling work under an unforgiving sun. Thankfully I slathered on plenty of sunblock and kept hydrated. While I avoided a burn, the fingers on my right hand did develop a few blisters and the thigh muscles right above my knees have been sore for three days straight. I could barely muster the willpower to climb aboard the Raleigh and get in some miles on the trails today after work. But I find moving my legs helps ease away the soreness. And the weather today has been quite pleasant compared to the scorcher of a weekend we just had.

Three fast-paced days of work are now behind me. When I return next Wednesday, my team will be on the verge of a major reorganization, which should considerably reduce the amount of stress I’ve been under at work this summer. But between now and then, I’m going to do my damnedest to not think about work. I’m on vacation.


Written by camcarlson

August 3, 2011 at 11:38 PM

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