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Back when I sat and wrote emails all day long on the MCU side of the building I used to stream The Current out of the Twin Cities. That was years ago. Our department moved to the east side of the building and I don’t think I’ve turned on internet radio more than a handful of times since then. I know I haven’t listened to anything within the past year, if not longer. But I should have. Monotonous office work is far more tolerable when you have a melody to set it to.

So today, with a couple hour’s worth of authorization forms to process, I put in the earbuds and turned on MPR right at the beginning of “One Day” by Sharon Van Etten. I let her words drown out the chatter around me. A combination of my too-long absence from workplace music and a lack of the usual stress that has ended most of my workdays in recent weeks allowed the song to swoop up out of nowhere and leave me feeling elated as I left the building into the 101ºF heat.


Written by camcarlson

July 19, 2011 at 11:11 PM

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