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My last post was written one week too early! “Win Win” is coming to College Square this weekend. A bit of a surprise, as it was a spring release, but I’ll take it. I’m totally willing to shell out $6.50 to see it in the theater, rather than wait a few months to rent it on DVD.

Speaking of rentals, I endured “Detroit Rock City” today. It was worse than a bad “70s Show” episode… and there were a lot of those.

My weeklong vacation from work has been quite relaxing. Sleeping in, eating out, plenty of bicycling, a slight overabundance of sunshine and a few books under my belt. Currently reading “How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It” by James Wesley Rawles. Only a few chapters in, but I’ve already learned oodles about water filtration and food storage, and I’m once again reminded that I need to renew my CPR/first aid certification. But where’s the goods on beekeeping?

On a down note, my digital camera of the past four and a half years has finally crapped out on me. It was working perfectly fine when I left Newton’s Cafe after an early lunch, but stopped working before I made it back to the Mandalay. It won’t display an image on the backside without vigorous shaking and/or frantic pressing of buttons at random. I was hoping it would hold out until later this year, when I planned to replace my dumbphone with a smartphone with an adequate backside camera, but I may have to renew my options at this point. I don’t know if I can go the entire summer without a working camera. Poop.

Tomorrow’s forecast: chance of thunderstorms in the morning and afternoon, possibly severe with damaging hail. A good day to stay in, watch a couple movies, do some reading, and continue my lazy streak.


Written by camcarlson

June 1, 2011 at 10:01 PM

Posted in Cinema, Literature

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