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In order to keep pace with my goal of 2,000 bicycled miles, I intended to have at least 300 miles down by the end of April. But we’ve had an unusually cold spring so far… it snowed last week and there was frost on the ground this morning! Winter just doesn’t want to end. I’ve only got 145 miles in so far and I doubt I can catch up. I’d have to average over 300 miles each month until the end of October. That just isn’t going to happen. C’est la vie.

Today was fair enough to get out on the trails, but all the rain from Monday and Tuesday has caused the Cedar River to rise to flood level and a number of trails are partially underwater. Dammit. Both ends of George Wyth are flooded, as is the trail along the river opposite downtown. I took State Street, which is in increasingly worse condition (I also dodged a number of menacing dump trucks hauling material to/from 2nd St, which is being reconstructed), crossed 1st St at Main, swung by the Ice House and Island Park, noted the minor flooding along Cottage Row Rd (some houses are cut off from the road but nothing a canoe can’t fix) and almost made it all the way into Black Hawk Park before the river cut across the trail. I turned around and beat against the brisk easterly winds on my ride back to town. Logged nearly 18 miles, if my odometer is to be believed… I still think it’s cheating me on miles but I won’t be able to verify that until the 58 underpass at Waterloo Rd dries up so I can go to the gym and back (a route I know to be 3.22 miles precisely).


Written by camcarlson

April 30, 2011 at 12:50 AM

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