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I have two goals to accomplish between today and New Years. I need to finish reading “The Hobbit”, which I should be able to do in the next day or two, and I need to watch the six movies I’ve moved to the desktop of my MacBook. I scanned a bunch of movies this past summer, to give myself something to do during the winter months, but as it turns out I’ve spent a lot of my free time reading instead. So once “The Hobbit” has been read I can get in those movies and cross them off my film list, which will be updated in January.

Since winter will keep me indoors in the evenings through March, I’ve lined up a number of projects to keep me busy. While this year’s scanning project was a success, I didn’t get to Phase Five – my income tax documents from previous years. Scanning those shouldn’t take more than a weekend, though locating all of them (for the past seven years) may take some sleuthing.

While Phase One of my scanning project was completed in January – all of my college notes and papers – I never compiled the PDF files. That’s a task I should be able to complete in short order once I get a script set up.

I also plan to scan all the printed documents I’ve kept for the Technicolor research paper I wrote in college. I initially held onto them under the assumption that I would rewrite and expand on the paper for use in grad school applications, but since that never happened and most likely never will, there’s really no need to keep them around. And on that note, I’m going to scan my film binder, a collection of printed reviews and essay, and all of my previous film lists, dating back to 1997.

The only new project I have lined up is a conversion of my VHS tapes via a device Micah is going to lend me that records footage being played on a VCR and converts it into a movie file format. Not sure how much time will need to be set aside for that (or how much hard drive space), but I’m going to estimate a day per tape. I have a dozen that need to be converted, so let’s say two weeks for this project.

Another decluttering project that I can tackle in pieces will be rooting through my extensive Safari bookmark files, weeding out the dead links and redundancies, and simplifying the bookmark folders. That’s something I can do between loads of laundry on Sunday afternoons.

To avoid getting lax with my film-watching, I’m going to watch at least two of the movies on my MacBook each week. After that I’m going to exhaust Hulu and YouTube and then look into Netflix’s new streaming-only plan. As much as possible, I plan to read one book per month (this includes finishing “War Horse” at the Rod in January when the re-open for the spring semester).

All things considered, I’ll have enough to keep me busy until the end of March. That will free me up to more leisurely endeavors in the springtime.


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December 21, 2010 at 2:32 AM

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